Rethinking how we live...


The Covid pandemic has caused all of us to re-think how we live and work. Why aren´t you living in a safe and beautiful place? Get back to the simple things, and to a location where the CoVid-19 rate is very low.

Perfecting the Art of Remote Work

Long ago, we perfected the art of remote work from here. We did it for many years, working from the island of Menorca, by the seaside, in Ciutadella de Menorca.

If you are working remotely anyway, or just want to get out of town - why not take a moment to consider a totally alternative, sustainable, lifestyle?

Menorca? Where is that?

Menorca is one of the Spanish Balearic Islands, It’s better known cousins are Ibiza and Mallorca, both a good deal more developed and more expensive, too. Menorca enjoys all the natural beauty of an island that has been largely left undisturbed. The entire island is designated as a Unesco Biosphere reserve. No shopping malls, no traffic, a simple and very safe life.

Our beautiful apartment is now for sale

In 2015 we exchanged a sea view for the mountains, where we still work remotely today. So our seafront, island apartment is now on the market.

This is the perfect spot for a high quality lifestyle, back to nature, no complications: all that and more: you can see Mallorca from the terrace!

Deal Direct with the Owner

You will be dealing direct with the owner, someone who knows the ropes and can point you in all the right directions to get set up to live and work in Spain.

Beaches? Pristine. Food? Locally Grown.

Fresh and wonderful locally farmed food, and everything in its natural state.

Our beaches are stunning. And in winter, you have them all to yourselves.

Horses and Fiestas

Did we mention the Fiestas? If you are into horses, you are in for an extra treat.

The Apartment.

Sign up now for the full presentation. The photos here show this first class complex on the seafront in Ciutadella de Menorca. The top things to bear in mind are:

  • This is a luxury complex that has a full-time caretaker, managing the property daily and ensuring it is always looking at its best.
  • The community is extremely well managed by the owners who are part of a committee. They meet annually to approve the annual budget and discuss the property. The annual “community charges” are really affordable, approximately 1500 Euros (1700 USD) a year.
  • The other great thing is that because the property is managed full-time, and because of the layout of the apartment, with “persiana” shutters that completely close the windows, you can lock-up and leave this apartment for long periods without worrying about maintenance.
  • The apartment is very easy to maintain. It is almost trouble completely trouble-free. All the appliances are in good order, and we'll fully disclose all you need to know. You only need ask.
  • Basic specifications: 4 bedrooms, terrace, community swimming pool and gardens, 2 bathrooms and underground parking.

Timing and CoVid-19

The CoVid-19 Pandemic is largely under control on the island, with very low numbers compared to the US. The island has a population of approximately 90,000. See for yourself, you can check the updated Covid-19 statistics for Menorca here and here.

In Menorca the Covid-19 death and case rates have been very low.

If you need help, just ask us, and we´ll try to help.

You're going to love the beaches, the seafood, the nature and freshness of a simple and uncluttered life.

The price is 480k Euros. That’s approximately 542k USD.

Agent enquiries are welcome!

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